There is no economy, no technology, no politics and no society without nature and without care“, says Yayo Herrero, pointing out how the neoliberal society we inhabit has built a way of organizing life in common, a way of organizing politics, economy, culture, etc., that develops in opposition to the material bases that allow us to sustain life. Faced with this, Feminist Economics allows us to do an exercise to recognize the (co)dependencies that we have among us and with nature, and above all makes visible what has traditionally invisibilized the conventional speculative economy: care and who exercises it.

We invite you to collectively learn about this through this course. Come and join us!

*This course has been developed in Spanish, which means that it is based on the knowledge and experiences developed in Spain. Then it has been translated into English and French adapting the bibliographic materials to these languages. We have tried to maintain the essence of the course at all times and therefore we have kept basic concepts of the Spanish language.

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