In this course you will learn basic concepts of Ethical Finance. The methodology we propose is, through different content modules with various activities, to understand how the current capitalist system works and why Ethical Finance is a transformative practice that puts at the center the shared benefits for society and the environment instead of speculation, investment in arms and extractivist activities, etc.

In addition, this course is the result of the Erasmus+ You'conomy project in which young people from different countries have participated and have been sharing their contributions. 

This project arises from the hand of a group of young people from different organisations, which established the need and desire to build a joint project by and for young people under the main idea that Young people lack Social Solidarity Economy, and above all, that SSE lacks young people”.

We believe that youth have a very important role to play in building a more just society, and we also believe that we need to continue creating critical learning tools that allow us to build alternatives.

In building this more just society, we have to decide what we do with our money to avoid further speculation and put life and communities at the center.

Do you know where your bank invests your money? Do you know what Ethical finance and local currencies are? Have you ever thought about the possibility of a political activism campaign?

We invite you to answer these questions and much more through the 4 modules of this course.

The course is completely self-managed, you can start and finish it as you wish and you are very welcome to make contributions and initiate discussions, just need to register to get started.

The content is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Greek. You can change language in the dropdown above or by clicking on your profile once you have registered.

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Skill Level: Beginner