Dig deeper on your own...

In case you do group work on SSE we suggest that you gather case studies and study them. Below you find a questionnaire that helps you find relevant information when you do research on the case, and ask questions to an organisation. It might also be interesting to have a look at at least one case that failed.

We also recommend doing some field research and visiting “good practices” in terms of at least on excursion (we suggest 3 hours).

Good practice: Questions to prepare case studies on SSE

How did you get started? What was helpful or not?

• Please describe the (democratic) governance and organisational structure. (Who is

entitled to make which decisions?)

• What is the legal structure?

• What “user value” / value for members / for society is generated?

• What does solidarity (economy) mean to your SSE?

• How did you build a community?

• What was important in reaching your goals / to achieve success?

• Were there /are there any challenges? How did you / do you cope with them?

Further questions might deal with ownership, financing, co-operation (internal/external), communication /conflicts …