"The world is big enough to satisfy everyone’s needs, but will always be too small to satisfy everyone’s greed"Mahatma Gandhi.

Everyone can become part of the Food Sovereignty movement. Even a few herb plants in your window box counts. Besides fresh herbs for your meal you provide a tiny green resting place appreciated by every insect flying by your window in the concrete jungle. The mind-map below can help you think of many different ways that most of us can use to support and live the ideas of Food Sovereignty.


Although the majority of the global population live in cities, many of these people have not given up on gardening. The truth is, that even the city dwellers who have never had a garden before, are now looking for a spot to put their tiny urban garden. Among the numerous benefits of urban gardens are cooling down the overheated city, and the reconnection of people and the ecosystems of which we are part. It is not so complicated to start gardening, even for beginners. Combined efforts with your friends and neighbours can bring even more positive effects, so why not to start the garden in a community way!One of the best ideas is to start (or join) a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), like GeLa Ochsenherz described above. Advice about how to start a CSA are in chapter 1: Starting Up

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