Formulating vision and mission statements can help you pinpoint what your SSE initiative or enterprise is all about and what you want to achieve. Here is the example of MONDRAGON Corporation, the world´s largest network of autonomous co-operatives.

Mission statement – MONDRAGON Corporation (Spain)

MONDRAGON is a business-based socio-economic initiative integrated by autonomous and independent co-operatives with deep cultural roots in the Basque Country, created for and by people and inspired by the Basic Principles of our Co-operative Experience. It is firmly committed to the environment, competitive improvement and customer satisfaction in order to generate wealth in society through business development and the creation of, preferably co-operative, employment, which is based on a firm commitment to solidarity and uses democratic methods for organisation and management. It encourages participation and the involvement of people in the management, profits and ownership of their companies, developing a shared project which brings together social, 18 starting up business and personal progress. It fosters training and innovation by developing human and technological skills. It applies its own management model aimed at helping companies become market leaders and fostering co-operation.


We would like to become committed people, with a co-operative identity who form a profitable, competitive and enterprising business group in a global context; who apply a successful socio-business model, offering the market integrated solutions based on experience, knowledge, innovation, inter-cooperation, strategic partnerships, attracting, promoting and generating talent; and which generates sufficient resources to provide value-added employment and sustainable development for the community. Here is more information on how to write your vision or mission statement:

For how to formulate a vision please also see “Organization DNA” in the chapter Community Building. It is crucial that the formulation of both vision and mission statements are decided and formulated in consensus by all members of the SSE initiative. Consider them as the basis on which the initiative will be built upon, acting at the same time as guiding lines. Both statements are often confused. An easy way to distinguish them is as follows:

Vision is about the future, ask yourselves:

Where do you want to be in the future? How does this future look like? What are the main principles and values that will bring you there? 

The vision statement is used to inspire people.

Mission is about today, ask yourselves:

Who are you? What are you doing? 

The mission statement is used to introduce the SSE initiative.

Further resources for getting started:

Maybe you already know what kind of SSE you would like to start (probably a co-op, a Community Supported Agriculture group (CSA), an intentional community,...). You can find specific guidelines on the Internet. If you don´t know yet, such guidelines can nonetheless be helpful and inspirational on your way towards founding a SSE:

5 questions to ask yourselves, if you are planning your co-op: 

10 things to consider when you start a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture):

7 aspects for developing an intentional community:


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